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AirGarden Homes

Design Concepts

The AirGarden Home incorporates many concepts into a single unified design to deliver enduring comfort to residents of the lower deserts. 

Among these important ideas are:

    Quality of Life issues: The experience of living in the home

      • Economic Issues: The experience of buying, financing and maintaining the home.
      • Macroeconomic Issues: How society experiences the use of the home.
      • Environmental Issues: The environment's experience from the construction and use of the home.
      • Technological Issues: Tradeoffs between active and passive technology, their long-term values, buildability and maintainability

    Design Issues

      • Solar Orientation: The structure on the site, its shape and orientation to the seasons.
      • Passive Solar Techniques: Use of materials, ventilation and location within the structure.
      • Active Solar Technologies: Rationales for sensors, actuators, pumps and controlscncptgrphctile.
      • Landscape Integration: Plant choices, their placement and gray water use.
      • Resource Use: Availability of water, energy and supplies to the residence.
      • Economic Reuse: Housing demand in the area relative to cost and location.
      • Construction Resources: Materials, availability and transportation costs.
      • Accessibility for Residents: Universal access issues for interior and exterior systems.
      • Location Access: Proximity to roads, site egress and parking.
      • Regulatory Considerations: Local, State and Federal laws affecting the home or site.

These concepts are integrated into the AirGarden Home Design Process. A written presentation on these ideas will be posted here when available.

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